What Is Health

Health is a term that is constantly varying with frequent shifting of cultural expectations and the continuous enhancement of knowledge. In fact, it is quite difficult to define health. The attempt by different individuals and societies to define health has developed to a subject of debate among scholars.

Factors Influencing Health Perceptions

The idea about health is influenced by various aspects like gender, financial status, culture and media. For instance, wealth manipulates human understanding on health. This because finically stable individuals are capable of accessing private health facilities. Financial stability develops different perceptions of health between the rich and the poor. Financially stable individuals are capable of seeking advanced medical care since they are more concerned about their health. In contrast, financially strained individual sometimes feels that medical attentions are of no great importance. More interesting, the poor sometimes thinks that death is mandatory at certain times and thus they care less about their health.

The idea of health is not restricted to physical conditions but is as well being considered to have mental and social aspects. Personal relationships which incorporates various and appropriate levels of interaction is considered as a social health. Closely related to social health is the concept of mental health. As a matter of fact, people can suffer from illness or disease and yet are still considered to be healthy if they have internal strength and integrity to cope with the condition. Additionally, strong mental health can help to stop physical illness. As a matter of fact, symptoms of intellectual illness like palpitation can manifest itself as a symptom for physical illness.

World Health Organization Definition of Health

According World Health Organization, health is a condition which involves social, mental and physical well-being of a person and not just the nonexistence of an illness or a disease. There are various feelings on this health definition. Most people feel that this definition is too ambiguous. The concept of health is affected by various factors like gender, age and culture. The World Health Organization definition of health ignores people with diseases or illness, disabilities and mental health disorders. However, for the people who believe they are ‘healthy’ may contemplate the World Health Organization definition of health because it suits their health condition.

Whoever, there are several negative concepts about World Health Organization definition and health. Individuals who are free from diseases or illness, according to World Health Organization definition are considered to be healthy. Nevertheless, this can result to peoples with eating disorder, excess alcoholic drinking behavior and smoking practices been considered to be health while they are not in reality.

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