How To Complete An Expository Essay Related To Environment

Writing an expository essay related to the environment is really not much different than writing any other kind of expository academic essay. There are, however, a few simple tips that, when followed, will help you to write an excellent environmental expository essay:

  • Integrate nature and people
  • One of the most interesting parts of writing environmental essays, and what sets apart good essays from excellent essays, is the ability to integrate issues of nature and people. This is at the core of most environmental and sustainability studies. It is one thing to write about the ecology of a place or a certain environmental phenomenon like flooding. The everything with the environment is also impacted by people, impacts people, or both. So when you choose your topic, try to focus on where people and nature come together around that topic.

  • Use imagery
  • Another exciting opportunity when it comes to writing environmental essays is the role of imagery to make the place and ecosystem you are writing about come to life. In this way, you can bring a certain amount of creative writing into an academic environmental paper. This, of course, should only be done when appropriate. But if you are able to make the place come to life for your reader, you will make a much more interesting paper.

  • Give a 360 degree view
  • One of the most difficult parts of writing an environmental essay is to give a full, 360 view, of the issue. It is easy to say that one thing causes another, but in reality, when it comes to the environment, things are typically more complicated and interrelated. The best way to do this is to research your topic thoroughly. We recommend this site for good information about common environmental paper topics.

  • Make your reader care
  • Environmental issues are typically very heated and even emotional issues because they tend to make people feel conflicted or they pit different groups of people against each other. Many people have a very direct and personal relationship with places, particularly beautiful and pristine environments. So, when an issue arises that might change that place, people can get very emotional about it. Similarly, when an environmental regulation could effect an industry on which people depend, people also get emotional. Try to get your reader to care about your topic by appealing to these emotional connections.

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