How To Come Up With Good Ideas For A Descriptive Essay

Descriptive essays

Descriptive essays basically focus on one subject. It details various information that relate to the subject. The major aim of this type of writing is to enlighten the readers about the topic, throughout the document. The writing should strike senses of the reader, rather than his/her mind or heart. The writer should write this kind of writing with more life, so that the reader can feel it. This type of writing is really fun to write, when compared with other major types.


The topic you get may be fictional or non-fictional. You will have to make a comprehensive in detail about a person, place or thing. The writing should be really interesting which force the readers to read the whole righting with full attention.

Ideas to prepare a good descriptive essay

Writers who prepare descriptive essays should be really creative as they are describing a person, an incident or a thing. Here are few tips which may help you to prepare a good writing.

  • Do your homework about the topic well before the writing. Note down the qualities, you wish to include in the writing about the topic. List down the specific instances
  • Try to include the physical characteristics of the topic, if it is a thing. If the topic is a person, try to include the feelings of the person along with the physical characteristics.
  • The step which comes after this drafting. The reader should get close with the subject, while he reads it. Drafting is meant for make the writing impressive. The writer should describe the senses of the person he describes.
  • Revision step following drafting is another major step to make an impressive writing. The writer can check whether he missed some major points by revision. He has the freedom to avoid the unnecessary points too. This modification of the writing will make it more impressive.
  • Proofreading and editing comes next. The writer can make the essay free from grammatical and spelling mistakes. The style and clarity of the writing can also be bettered with this step.
  • It is always better to show your work with some expert, who can help to improvise your work. The expert will be able t edit the mistakes made in the essay and provide fruitful suggestions.

These are the major ideas which lead you to prepare a good descriptive essay.

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