Academic Tips: How to Improve My Essay Writing Skills

Being good at writing essays is essential for successful studying. Despite the fact that it takes some time to become really great at it, there are writing skills that can be improved quickly. Here are some tips that may help you.

  1. Make preparations.
    • Gather relevant information.
    • Think about the topic of your essay, try to figure out what kind of information you might need, and where it’s better to get it.

    • Plan your time.
    • Don’t forget to add a few extra days for emergencies. You’ll also need to find the place where you won’t be disturbed for better writing. This might ease the pressure of the task. It doesn’t mean that you can relax and postpone writing your essay! It’s better to finish it earlier and review it once again than rush and make mistakes.

    • Take notes.
    • The more information you have, the better you’ll know what to write. Use highlighters as color helps acquire the information better. It can be also useful to write down your opinion regarding everything you read for future use.

  2. Organize the information
    • Look through the information that you have found. Exclude the things that won’t be useful for your writing and organize the rest (by making a diagram, for example).
    • Group your information (by importance, subject or something else of your choosing) as it will help you plan the paragraphs of your essay.
    • Figure out the main idea of your essay or the conclusion you have made and want to write about. Neat arrangement of arguments is one of the key features of a successful essay.
  3. Get to writing
    • Write the first draft of your essay. Don’t worry if you feel stuck and don’t know what to do. The solution is to write something. You will come back to that part and rewrite it when you get into the swing.
    • Review the draft and make changes if necessary. Write the introduction and conclusion. Some students find it better to write them after the main part of the essay is ready. It’s up to you. Keep in mind that both should be short and clear.
    • Come back to your essay in a day or two and reread it or ask someone to proofread it for you, for example your friends or parents. You may also give it to your teacher for advice on changes.
    • Check your spelling and grammar.
    • Hand it to your teacher.

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