Composing a Strong College Essay on Being Famous

There are a lot of fun topics college instructors use to get students enthusiastic about various types of writing assignments. One such topic that piques students’ interest is writing about being famous. The concept has long been attributed to celebrity – be it an actor or actress, a musician, an artist, etc. – but there are several other ways in which one can experience being famous that provides some insight into that student’s personality. Here are some things to know about composing a strong college essay on this topic:

Narrow the focus of your topic

As you can imagine you can write on just about anything with an assignment like this, so you want to focus on writing about something that is both interesting to you and something you believe will be original. List a few ideas and see if you can approach them in unique ways that are sure to keep the reader engaged with your work.

Brainstorm ideas and a thesis statement

Now come up with a few different thesis statements. Remember that you are presenting a unique argument that will need to be supported with ample evidence. For instance, if you want to write on the topic of how sports stars make the best celebrities, you will need to back up this claim with supporting evidence pointing to athletes in commercials or film roles.

Create a complete outline for guidance

The next step is creating a detailed outline of each part of your essay for you to use as a guide as you write the first rough draft of your paper. Include your thesis statement, your discussion points, and the pieces of supporting evidence you have gathered. Arrange and re-arrange the content so that it conveys your thoughts and ideas clearly and efficiently.

Write the content for your first draft

Next, sit down and get to writing the first draft. A lot of students procrastinate and wait until the last minute to get started. Don’t do this. Remember that a first draft does not have to be perfect. The most important thing about a first draft is that it contains all of your ideas down written in one place, making it for more efficient writing you can correct at a later phase.

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