The Best US History Essay Topics: 20 Fresh Suggestions

The history of the United States is a long and glorious one. It spanned over so many years that pointing out any specific era is not possible. Ever since Columbus got down from his ship, the history of the country has shaped itself. While writing on US history students often get confused about what to write. There are so many topics that it is easy to get overwhelmed. If you cannot decide which time or era to write upon, here are a few suggestions.

US essay topics

  1. The sailing of Christopher Columbus and other Europeans who came after him. How his arrival marked the colonial rule in the country.
  2. The people who inhabited the lands before Columbus came to the US.
  3. How the American patriots won the freedom of the country from the British.
  4. How did Washington win back New York and New Jersey? Give a detailed description of the American Revolution.
  5. Write the cause and effect of the War that was fought in 1812.
  6. The lifestyle of the American people in the 1930s. Describe the role played by film which was invented around this time.
  7. The challenges that the democracy of the US has faced over the years. The worst challenge in the history of US.
  8. The colonial Virginia during the 1600 to 1700. What helped the people to grow independent?
  9. How has the US system of governance evolved over the years? Give account of the best most significant changes that made the system what it is today.
  10. The reconstruction of the south in the aftermath of the civil war was difficult for US. Explain in details
  11. The challenges faced by Abraham Lincoln during his terms. How did he solve the struggle for Union and Emancipation?
  12. How did the New Deal proposed by President Franklin D. Roosevelt bring about reform in the states?
  13. The role of urbanization in the development of the 19th century US
  14. The foreign policies of the US after the First World War.
  15. How much did the country prosper during the 1950 to the 60s?
  16. The relationship between the native Americans their British conquerors.
  17. The importance of slavery in the southern economy during the 1600s.
  18. The policy of containment practiced by US in Asia during 1945. Was it successful?
  19. Discrimination faced by African American leaders during 1920s.
  20. Contrast between the Great Awakenings during 18th and 19th century.

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