Where To Look For A Free Critical Literary Essay Example

Shopping for a writing sample is significantly easier than most people think it is. Free essays are all over the Internet, but not all of them are high quality papers that make for good examples. Instead of using any free critical literary essay example, you need to know where to find the strong, edited papers. Here are some places to look:

  • Writing labs. Most colleges and universities have online labs where students can go to find the best papers to use as an example. These samples are written by college students, usually those who are pursuing degrees in writing. Before the papers are placed on the websites, they are edited, because the samples are representative of the college. The websites are generally organized by types of writing and they include tutorials on how to best write the papers, too. Because these papers are usually available for free to students and the general public, it is never a good idea to use any of them in the paper you turn in for a grade.
  • Writing sites. These sites are business sites that specialize in writing essays for students. If you order a paper, it will be written uniquely for you, but many of the sites have samples available so potential clients can see what is available. Like the collegiate sites, the papers are edited, because they are representative of the work that the sites provide. You might have to search through a few different sites to find a critical literary example.
  • How-to websites. There are plenty of websites that give instructions on how to write specific styles of papers. These are usually not sponsored by universities or businesses. Instead, people use these sites to generate income from advertising dollars. The essays might not be perfect, but they usually give a good idea of what the papers should look like and how they should be organized.
  • Tutoring sites. Tutoring websites are available for any type of help, even writing help. When you find a tutoring site that is free to students, you can find essays or even ask for a sample to be given to you. Free tutoring sites will make money through advertising instead of charging fees, so you might have to watch a video or click through some ads to get what you need. The samples will be good, but not as good as the ones that come from the collegiate sites.

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