Choosing Narrative Essay Topics for 6th Grade Students

The good thing about narrative essays is that you get a chance to really express yourself, because there are very few formal rules to follow when you work on this type of academic writing. However, this can make choosing a topic for the paper mire difficult, because you have too many options.

6th graders have it, especially tough because they are still young and don’t have a lot of experience with creating strong papers. Therefore, in order to pick a good topic, they need to know exactly what a narrative essay is and which tools they will need to use in order to make it strong and interesting.

  • A narrative essay must be told from one particular point of view, so it’s usually best to choose something you have some personal experience of.
  • Any academic paper must make a point and provide some evidence to support it. Therefore, you need to do some research and find the necessary data first.
  • Details are the key element of a narrative paper, so you need to know the issue really well.
  • Narration of any kind requires the use of vivid modifiers and verbs. It will be easier for you to write this essay if you are really passionate about the subject.

Keep all these things in mind and look for a topic that you would genuinely enjoy writing about. Remember that you are allowed to use dialogues in this type of writing, so you can use them as examples. This really helps when you write about your personal experiences.

Here are a few suggestions of interesting and simple topics you can consider:

  1. You would never believe that I saw this.
  2. The most interesting day of my life.
  3. The best superpower ever.
  4. The person who became my hero.
  5. The story that made me laugh.
  6. An embarrassing experience that helped me grow up a little.
  7. My first happy memory.
  8. The worst quarrel I’ve ever had with my parents.
  9. The monster that lives under my bed.
  10. The story of my adventures with my dog.

The purpose of any narration is to describe something in so much detail that the readers will feel like they’ve been a part of the actual experience, so feel free to use less formal words. However, don’t forget about the limits. Your language must be refined and vivid, not coarse and filled with slang. You also need to be careful about grammar and spelling as it’s easy to lose track of the mistakes you make when you aren’t using formal language.

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