How To Come Up With Easy Illustration Essay Topics For Colleges

Choosing the right essay topics for college has been a concern for many students. This has been a common issue with college students everywhere. So let's look at how we can tackle the issue of how to choose easy illustration essay topics for colleges. Given below are 5 step instructions that would make a task as daunting as choosing an essay topic less intimidating.

  1. Question: Find a question to ask about a particular theme for which you already have the answer or think you can easily obtain the information either from The Internet or other literature.

  2. Answer: Draft the answer to the question and make a list of subtitles for which you need further information in order to extrapolate the theory that would constitute the bulk of the writing.

  3. Decide: Decide whether you need to explore more question and answers and repeat the step #1 and step #2 or whether you’re satisfied with what you already have in hand.

  4. New: Once you’ve decided the topic, built a structure around it and satisfied that you want to move forward with the chosen topic please do not revisit the above.

  5. Hunt: Start gathering information such as articles, books and other journals on the topic. Compile facts and figures that are relevant to the topic.

Although the above steps can be time-consuming and may seem to be overwhelming, it is well worthwhile as the subsequent steps can be less intimidating and can be made free flowing. Rule of thumb is to find a topic much written about as well as one that piques your interest. Be careful not to overindulge yourself during the information-gathering phase. This is because the sheer amount of information available on your chosen topic can be overwhelming, and you would not know when and where to stop. Find a balance. You needed time to write the essay on a concise and structured too as you will be marked for that as well.

A word of advice: come up with a timetable that would give you an indication of the steps involved, subtitles for which you are looking the information, and the timings of each step. This would give you guidance and a step-by-step schedule as you go along preparing the essay. It would also act as a chart to track your progress. Best of luck!

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