How To Write A Three-Paragraph Essay - Simple Tips And Tricks

Most will look at this title and think simple. The actual fact is that it can be very tricky. If you do not put in the proper time and effort it can be a negative experience. Do not drop your guard no matter the length of the work. This article will explain how to write a three-paragraph essay with some tips and tricks.

  1. Choose a popular topic. This means that most people will be familiar with what it is and involves. You will not need as much length to get your idea a cross to the audience. This is another reason for this type of topic. You have to keep the audience entertained. This is like the preverbal killing two birds with one stone. If you keep the audience in mind through the process it will sub-consciously sharpen other writing skills.
  2. Since you have such a short amount of writing to explain or prove your topic keep this in mind. Every sentence that you write should be as creative and descriptive as possible. Forget about any fill sentences. The audience should feel like they are actually there, or part of the story. This is done by writing so they actually think they can see, smell, and feel every event or emotion. (Example) The rain made a different sound on the roof. You have to make the words jump-off the paper. The repeating sound of the crashing rain hit the roof giving off the sound of bacon hitting a hot frying pan. The paper needs that type of strength through the entire piece of work.
  3. Find as many little-known facts about the topic as you can. Readers tend to want to go deeper when they think they are missing something. The clarity of the sentences is a must. Leave the bigger words in the dictionary where they belong on this work. You do not want the reader stopping every few seconds to try to figure out their meanings.
  4. There should be no need for any mistakes in the grammar and spelling. A well- organized paper will not only be clear to read. The smooth flow will keep the reader wanting to keep going. Try this trick. Start from the very last sentence of the paper and read it backwards. It will seem foreign so you will read a lot slower and catch any mistakes.
  5. This tip will help you decide if the conclusion is what it should be. The ending. Ask yourself after you read the conclusion if you could keep writing another paragraph. If the answer is yes than you did not end it correctly.

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