Importance Of Education In The Modern World

Browsing the internet, one may get the idea that we live in a world filled with frivolous minded idiots who care about cats, trolls and nothing else. Hard to believe sometimes that we are the same species that created these wonderful devices called computers. But it is true and in spite of all the stupidity, there are brilliant minds working behind the scenes to keep giving us the amazing inventions that enrich our lives today. None of this would be possible if a certain group pf people, academics, did not continue the long held tradition of knowledge and learning.

How it all started

Long ago, knowledge was not taught at schools, but simply passed on from one to another. This crude method of information transfer enabled us to withhold knowledge of things like fire, or which berries were poisonous, over ions and in more recent times, allowed fathers and mothers to pass on trade skills to their sons and daughters. Education has always been a part of our lives and many great individuals realized this in their time, each making the world a better place in their own right. While we were still young as a society, we held many beliefs about reality that were bounded by magic and folklore and these beliefs have been hard to break. Many exceptional people challenged these beliefs only to be killed or burned at the stake. Thankfully, we have learned since then that because something was believed for a very time, or by many people, does not make it true.

Today’s World

Those were simpler times, now we have machines and devices that require intricate knowledge of complex concepts and procedures where maintenance cannot be done by an unqualified individual. Should we become lax in our drive for knowledge we may one day attain a level of comfort where we are no longer capable of taking care of ourselves or the machines we depend on. This can result in the complete devolution of our society and life as we know it! Of course, the world is also rife with new dangers and discoveries which can meet us unprepared to deal with it, also resulting in our destruction.

Education is the only reason we exist and flourish in the world as we know it today, without our persistence and curiosity, we would have none of the pleasures we so easily take for granted. Why changed a culture that has existed and benefited us for thousands of years.

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