Creating A Strong Introduction For An Essay On Bullying

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Bullying refers to a situation when a person is being hurt or abused either by actions or words, feels so unhappy about it and experiences a difficult time stopping what’s happening to him or her. This can actually happen anywhere and can take place on the way to school, while online, in the neighborhood or at school. Needless to say, bullying is not acceptable, never okay and not cool. Nobody ever deserves to be bullied.

In addition, due to the fact that bullying is considered as one of the most popular issues encountered by people these days especially students and children in school and even online, it is not surprising why it is an excellent topic to write about. When writing a paper, we surely hope to get a high grade, so making it something worth reading is our main goal. But, how can we really create a strong introduction for our paper? For sure, we always hear that first impressions are substantial. This is especially true whether it is a first meeting with someone or the first sentence you write in your thesis- this, without doubt, definitely sets the stage for a lasting perspective.

Not to mention, the introductory paragraph of any dissertation, either short or long, should begin with a sentence that stimulates the interest of the readers. In reality, in a well-written first paragraph, that first sentence will be the one that will lead into 3 up to 4 sentences that provide more details regarding the topic or your process you shall address in the body of your written discourse.

Likewise, these sentences should also prepare your thesis statement. This statement is the subject of much information as well as training. The wholeness of your composition clings on that sentence which is commonly the final sentence of your introductory paragraph.

To recap, your introductory paragraph must comprise of the following:

  • educational sentences that set up your thesis
  • a catchy first sentence
  • the thesis statement which is especially intended to state an opinion that you shall build upon or support or make a claim

A Reminder

It matters to finish with a great start. This simply implies that once you accomplish a first draft of your writing task, go back and re-create your introductory paragraph. More than that, see to it to check your written dissertation statement to ensure that it still holds true. Afterwards, do not forget to double-check your first sentence to provide it with some liveliness.

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