6 Things You Should Consider While Writing A Visual Image Analysis Essay

When you have a look at an art, it highlights infinite sentiments in a glimpse. Sorrows, ecstasy, contentment, jealous, hatred and various other types of rational thoughts can be clearly conveyed via a high scaled visual image analysis essay.

Address following 6 elements to write an excellent piece -

  1. Intellectual analysis of the image: First of all, analyze the image vividly providing exhilarating facts about the art and the artist. Pick up those elements that can be easily recognizable and catches the reader’s attention effortlessly.
  2. The age: Make an evaluation regarding the era from which the image has been taken. Talk about its style and the techniques used. If you can talk about the artist who has commissioned the work, it would be great. Scrutinize the social and cultural elements affecting the content.
  3. The dimension: The size of the image is a great matter of concern. You will notice images of different sizes. Usually, the large pictures are of prime importance than the smaller one as they garner lots of eyeballs.
  4. For example, in a fighting scene, the expressions of the fighters and his built will be highlighted and will be revealed in big size but a fallen apple on the ground will be shown in small size and gets ignored straight away. While writing a visual essay, you should state the reasons why some pictures are highlighted so much compared to others and state their reasons too.

  5. Relationship between various elements: This is most important part of a great composition. Specify the reasons why various elements are symmetrically, asymmetrically, crowded or sparsely arranged.
  6. Cropping: It highlights elements with significant details. These cropped images are shown in small size in actual picture but in cropped circle or square area, they can be seen clearly.
  7. Visible and obscured elements: Examine some other elements too that catches viewer’s attention such as-
    • Light, darkness, shadows used etc
    • Shades of colors - The colors detonate the tone and the mood of the portrayed. Usually red color denotes danger while pink color is symbolic of love.
    • The forms of images used with well defined lines and boundaries
    • Remember, the image drawn on the type of texture i.e. flat textured or a 3 D image also has its own significance.

Once, you pay attention to all these elements and understand the purpose of artist and the audience, you can write an eminent piece of visual image analysis essay, however, if you are still surrounded by dilemmas because you don’t have an idea about illustrating such images, please visit our website. This website can assist you with all your queries tremendously.

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