List Of Top 10 Compare And Contrast Essay Topics To Consider

If you were tasked with writing a compare and contrast essay there many topics from which to choose but of course the most important thing is that you select a topic in which you are already interested in learning more about or have some level of passion.

You will find it if you are already interested in the topic at hand you will find the writing process much easier. You will enjoy learning more about the information rather than begrudgingly complete research. The more interested you are in a topic the faster you will write and the more passionate your final piece will be. This passion will show through and your teacher will notice. In addition to this if you already know a bit about your topic that will save you a great deal of research time because you are already familiar with the background.

If you're looking for a compare and contrast essay topic it is also important to note that most teachers will require you to select one or the other and not necessarily both. This means that you will either compare or contrast rather than compare and contrast. Look for these keywords in your assignment description before you begin. Try and take some time to determine what subjects or areas you have studied our most interesting to you and where you have done the best in your class to date.

If you are in search of compare and contrast essay topics consider the following 10 examples:

  1. You can create an essay that compares different medical practices such as eastern medicine versus Western medicine or herbology versus prescription medications
  2. You can compare or contrast to political leaders in your location
  3. You can create a paper that focuses on comparing different diets such as the Paleo diet compared to the Mediterranean diet and what benefits each bring to the human body
  4. You can compare or contrast to prominent religions
  5. You can compare different teaching methods to different learning methods
  6. Can compare or contrast two types of punishment for children who misbehave
  7. You can compare or contrast to works of art
  8. You can compare or contrast two different jobs in which you might be interested in the future
  9. You can compare or contrast to government types
  10. You can compare or contrast two different universities or graduate schools to which you might want to apply in the future

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