List Of Interesting Sample Topics For An Exploratory Essay

Exploratory essays are designed to fully explore and expose all possible features of a particular topic without trying to convince the reader to adopt any views or opinions. It is important to consider whether or not a topic has enough avenues on which to write, before selecting one. Here are fifteen interesting sample topics for an exploratory essay.

  1. Housefly
  2. Investigate and discuss the entire life cycle of the common housefly providing speculative reasons for the advantages of each stage in its life cycle.

  3. Sand
  4. Sand is present just about everywhere on earth in extremely large quantities, explore the possible reasons for the existence of so many fine particles of sand.

  5. Dust
  6. Give a detailed description of the causes and possible effects of the dust particles we commonly see floating in rays of sunlight.

  7. Exercise
  8. Physical exercise is stated to be good for health. Find reasons to support or disprove the accuracy of this claim.

  9. Birds
  10. How does the physical features of a bird enable it to survive in its natural environment and how is the existence of these features dependent on the environment?

  11. Carbon
  12. State the characteristics of the carbon atom that make it an excellent candidate for the formation of life supporting molecular structures.

  13. Race
  14. People of different racial backgrounds have different physical features. Explore the possible reasons for the development of these features and in each case state how it was necessary for their survival.

  15. Claws
  16. Many animals depend on their strong claws, or nails, for their survival. How are humans different in their use of the nails present on the ends of their fingers?

  17. Lumber
  18. Explore and give possible reasons why wood, as a building material, is better for the environment of planet earth.

  19. Climate
  20. What are the major reasons for the vast climate differences in locations that occupy the same latitude on the planet?

  21. Computer revolution
  22. Outline the advantages and disadvantages of the computer revolution to both large businesses and the general public.

  23. Smart phones
  24. How has advances in cell phone technology, which now enables the internet to be accessed from anywhere, affected the life of students?

  25. Ocean liners
  26. What are the main steps involved in a transatlantic ocean voyage on a large freighter carrying a cargo of crude oil?

  27. The moon
  28. How does the moon affect life on earth as a result of its influence on the tides and nocturnal light levels?

  29. Homosexuality
  30. What are the scientific reasons for the existence of homosexuals in just about every species of sexually reproducing organisms?

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