Creating A Decent College Essay About Smoking Among Students

There is always a fear among parents that there children could be smoking. To some extent, the fear is valid as well. Most recent reports on surveys have shown that smoking is one of the most rapidly prevalent vices among college students. Also, it does not cause any good to the mental, emotional, physical or spiritual health of the students. There is only negative consequence of smoking. At this, creating a college essay on smoking can appear to be a one-sided debate and a relatively easier paper when compared to other vices in the society.

But that is not the case on most occasions. People are equally challenged when creating a paper on something like smoking. It should be observed here that students preparing a paper on smoking could be smokers themselves. This does not anywhere alleviate the importance of such an informed paper on the practice. There are some categorical considerations that you should be able to make here. Here are a few things you will have to look out.

Smoking does not violate laws

This is true in most cases. Most governments of nations do not consider a violation of laws when people are smoking. There are also several people that are attached to the industry at a large. These people form a rather large community who will suffer excessively if smoking is declared illegal in any or every part of the world. It must be noted that these people are not the same people everywhere. They vary from one country to another.

Smoking is considered fashionable

One of the first things that we must note when writing an essay about smoking in students is that many students consider smoking as a very fashionable business. There are student activist groups that consider it a revolutionary aspect of college life. Note these points:

  • Many student protests revolve around smoking
  • Several people consider smoking as a gift
  • It is believed to be a stress clearer
  • Many people attach it to class

These are facets about smoking that just cannot be ignored when writing a college paper about smoking. This will also help you realize that it is not easy for people smoking to get over the habit all of a sudden. Also account for the number of students involved in involuntary smoking. This also gives you another perspective to you as a writer and another angle to the readers to munch upon.

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