Twelve Strong Academic Essay Topics For College Students

During the course of their career, every student is required to write dozens of essays and sometime they run out of topics to choose from. Writers want interesting topics that inspire imagination and deep thinking, out of the box point of views and controversial thoughts and ideas. Many Writers spend a long periods simply trying to decide what to write on. Here are twelve strong academic essay topics for college students:

  1. Older teachers and professors should not be allowed to teach classes entirely on their own since their world view is outdated and this can cause problems when they need to teach new ideas.

  2. Homework restricts the leisure activities of a student causing resentment for all academic studies, thus decreasing the success rates of scholars around the world.

  3. Show how the way the educational system is structured is the most optimal design possible with the resources and knowledge available to society today.

  4. The knowledge gained in school during years of study is often useless when you get to university and students should simply start their academic studies at university level.

  5. The use of the internet to aid in studies has drastically changed the way students approach their school work so the education system needs a major overhaul to compensate for the relative ease of information they now enjoy.

  6. Animal husbandry and agriculture should become a mandatory part of the school curriculum since many students leave school having very little respect for these fields.

  7. Would you consider it fair to scholars to have professors be required to speak in their native language even if this means they may have to live with never being taught certain topics, or should all scholars around the world be required to learn one common language to better facilitate learning?

  8. How does the grading system affect a person as they pass through the school years into adulthood convinced that they are of a certain caliber of intelligence?

  9. How does the selective content of news programming affect our view of reality and the world we live in?

  10. Is the mixing of culture good or bad for the population of earth?

  11. If it were proven that god is real, should we then abandon science to the philosophies preached by religious sects?

  12. The death sentence has proven an effective means of controlling crime yet it is outlawed because of moral reasons. At what point should logic prevail over human compassion?

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