20 Discursive Essay Topics Suggested By A+ Students

As a student in class, it is always important to present your best effort when you are given an essay to work on. This is something that will actually make your work easier when presenting your paper for marking. Not only is it a good idea for you, but it will also show the teacher that you are at an advanced study level when you deliver some incredible discursive essay topics.

The following are some ideas that you can use in this regard:

  1. Discuss the prospect of having a woman president
  2. Explain how minimum wages affect the economy
  3. Discuss the correlation between the price of text books and education
  4. Should the case for equal pay for equal work be advanced?
  5. Explain how poverty is perpetuated by the sitting government
  6. The grading system in school has for a long time been the subject of controversy whenever students fail to meet certain predetermined targets in life. Discuss whether it should be abolished or maintained, with relevant supporting information
  7. Discuss the challenges that are faced in outsourcing to foreign countries
  8. Explain the concept of consumer debt and how it affects the purchasing ability
  9. Discuss the mortgage crisis in the economy
  10. Is it a good thing for Shakespeare to romanticize the concept of suicide in Romeo and Juliet?
  11. Explain the challenges that are faced by different countries in the struggle to end poaching
  12. Discuss the ethical prospect of bringing back extinct species through cloning
  13. Every constitution bestows upon the individuals the right to religious association. Explain why it is a violation of human rights to ban religious gear like the burkha.
  14. Explain how the celebrity culture is eroding the moral values of young teenagers
  15. Should zoos, circus and aquariums be shut down for the violation of animal rights?
  16. Discuss reasons why an assassination can never be justified
  17. Discuss the importance of allowing college students to choose the course that they want to study of their own volition
  18. Explain the importance of a mandatory dress code in the learning environment
  19. Discuss the prospect of making education a free for all affair
  20. CPR and first aid techniques have come in handy on so many occasions, and helped to save lots of lives. Discuss the reasons why these techniques are supposed to be included in the normal curriculum, and made mandatory subjects

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