10 Essential Rules For Creating A Good Law School Essay

When studying in law school, you will no doubt be required to write a variety of different academic papers. To help you with the writing process, the following outlines 10 essential rules that you should bear in mind.

  1. Start by thinking of a good topic to write about
  2. As with any piece of academic work, you will need to start off by thinking of a topic to write about. Ultimately, the topic that you choose to write about should be relevant, as well as been suitable for the paper that you need to write; for example, discussing a relatively in-depth topic, if you only have a relatively small word limit for the particular paper.

  3. Be prepared to research other papers and to discuss ideas with colleagues
  4. In order to give you some ideas of what you can write about, it is a good idea to research work that other people have written. Likewise, discussing ideas with your colleagues can be a great way of inspiring yourself, and each other.

  5. Creating a plan for what you will do
  6. To ensure that you know what you’re doing during the writing process, it is essential that you create a relevant a realistic plan. As well as identifying any sections that you need to write about, you should also create a realistic timeframe for doing the work.

  7. Carrying out any necessary research
  8. Once you have an idea of what you intend to do, you will be ready to start carrying out the research. You should use appropriate websites and other sources.

  9. Including details of important cases
  10. When writing about various legal concepts, it might be important for you to include details of important cases, particularly those that have set a precedent.

  11. Including details of important statutes
  12. As well as including details of important cases, you will probably have to refer to any important statutes relating to the laws that you are discussing.

  13. Writing references and citations correctly
  14. When including important cases and statutes, as well as other content that you have found your research, it is important that they are probably referenced or cited.

  15. Allowing yourself plenty of time to do the work
  16. It should go without saying, but it is essential that you allow yourself plenty of time to do the work, so that you do not need to rush things at the end.

  17. Following any formatting instructions
  18. Check to see if you need to follow any formatting guides before you start, particularly if they have a bearing on what sections you will need to write.

  19. Checking the work at the end
  20. Finally, you should check the work at the end, including proofreading and editing of any spelling or grammatical errors, as well as ensuring that you have follow any formatting instructions.

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