Free Advice on How to Write a Visual Text Analysis Essay

Students often have to write many kinds of essays, including a visual text analysis essay. This assignment helps them develop writing, analytical, and narrative skills. If you are also working on this kind of an assignment, you can use the following free advice on how to write it without a hitch:

  1. Select a good visual text to write about.
  2. Your first step is to choose a subject matter. It is recommended to find the one that influences the readers by appealing to emotions, logic, or credibility. You can consider the following study subjects for this assignment: a photograph, advertisement, product packaging, works of art, political poster, billboard, etc. You should simply look around in order to find something inspiring.

  3. Analyze the chosen subject.
  4. It is important to consider several aspects before you start to write your assignment. Make sure to take notes about your general impression of the presentation of the chosen study subject, its important elements, the relationship between written text and image, the role of a company or individual, and intended impact of the subject. This information will help you compose an outline.

  5. Create an outline.
  6. Your outline should be one page in length. Describe the subject that you are writing your paper about, provide information on who produced it and where it appeared first, formulate your main statement, analyze the bigger picture, select important details and facts, and build a strong conclusion. It is a good idea to refer to a visual text analysis essay tutorial with tips on how to write a good outline.

  7. Write a rough draft as quickly as possible.
  8. It is recommended to write your paper quickly. You should not try to write everything perfectly at once. Remember that you will have some time to revise and improve your paper later. If you write quickly, you will avoid procrastination and prepare the assignment before the deadline. However, avoid submitting the first draft since it might need some final touches.

  9. Revise your writing carefully.
  10. Keep the requirements of your professor in mind. Make sure that your essay is not too long. It is also important to format it according to the class requirements. It is hard to catch mistakes and inaccuracies in your own writing. You can read it aloud, so it will be easier for you to correct the sentence structure and add the necessary details. It also makes sense to ask your friend to read the paper and criticize it.

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