How To Utilize Essay Examples To Compose A Strong Paper: Tips & Tricks

A recent and successful educational trend is called modeling or mirroring. Students take work that is successful such as an essay or a mathematical problem and mirror it as they complete their own essay or problem. Writing teachers love this method of instruction, as it is much easier to learn from seeing rather than hearing. Use our tips and tricks on how to utilize essay examples to compose a strong paper.

Tips & Tricks

  • Models for all types of papers-as you write and find models of all the different styles of papers keep samples in a file. Remember to also look for different formatted papers such as MLA, APA, Harvard, or Chicago styles. Ask your friends if you can have copies of their A+ papers, as well.

  • Use only the best- while it may be easy to locate many samples online, you need to be discriminating and only select the best samples. If you visit the sites of writing companies, you will see they may have partial examples. They want you to pay to see thee entire piece. If you can find a good introduction or a good conclusion at one of these places, go ahead and print and save it for you records.

  • Never plagiarize-you are looking for compositions to mirror, not to steal. If you try to pass a paper ( that you find online) off as yours, then you will get caught for sure. Use these found samples to learn, not to hand in as your own essay.

  • Save your old essays-save all of your old essays to use in the future for reference. You will be glad that you did so.

  • Visit your teacher-make an appointment or go to your teacher’s extra help day. Your teacher has a magical file, either hard copy or electronic, where they keep the best papers that have been submitted to them in the past. Ask to see the file. You will not get to take any of the essays, but do ask if you can take pictures of these gems.

As you learn how to mirror papers, you will see that you are also learning how to write. The time will come when you will no longer have to model because you are a strong and mature writer. Until that time, please feel free to use our tips and advice for using sample papers.

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