Drinking Age

Drinking age is the age at which the law allows someone to purchase or consume alcoholic beverages. Drinking age is not standardized and thus the legal drinking age can vary from one nation to another. This is due to different laws used in different nations. These laws involve a broad range of behaviors and issues concerning where and when somebody can be allowed by the law to purchase or consume alcoholic beverages. However, most of these laws regulate alcohol consumption in public areas and thus drinking alcohol in private locations like home has not being regulated.

In other nations, drinking age differs from one type of drink to another. Only very few nations such as United Kingdom, Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong have put measure to regulate drinking age of alcoholic beverages in private areas like home. Nations such as Islamic nations do not allow Muslims to purchase or drink alcohol at any age. Some other nations do not have drinking age and thus somebody can purchase and consume alcohol at any age. In most nations, the drinking age has been set by the laws of a country. Therefore, giving alcohol to a minority is prohibited.

Importance of Drinking Age

The intention of drinking age was to control the increasing rate of the accidents caused drunken youth drivers and other road user who driver under influence. In many nations, accident rates were greatly reduced through proper implementation of the drinking age and strict rules on people who drive under influence of alcohol.

Drinking age has also been useful in controlling public health. Excess drinking is harmful to human health and therefore, prohibiting the minor generation from alcoholic beverages has far much better help many nations to manage alcoholic related infections.

Setbacks of Drinking Age

The present system that prohibits young people from drinking alcohol is broadly disregarded with devastating consequences. Educating young people on how to drink responsibly before they reach drinking age would largely enhance the health of the public as well as road safety to the rather than just passing laws to regulate drinking age. Colleges and high school kids see the disastrous behavior of drinking as a rite of passage in human life and thus they largely neglect the legal drinking age.

The rising of the drinking age in many nations has not reduced drinking of alcohol among the youth but has just compelled it underground to the most disastrous settings. Unsupervised group feasts and college parties have been made to look old fashion by taking alcohol consumption from adults who can model self-control to young generation which is easily carried by peer pressure.

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