The Top 15 Interesting Expository Essay Topics To Discover

An expository essay allows you to describe, analyze and give details about a certain topic. This leaves you will thousands of possibilities and subjects, and it’s entirely up to you to choose the perfect one. The best choice is to go for something that you are passionate about. In this manner, the research will not seem difficult and you already have some knowledge about it. You might want to ask your professor what type of topic he wants, just to make sure that you are not writing about anything that is not suitable with the course. These topics are focusing on many different niches, and in this way you will have from where to choose.

  1. Your favorite book. If you are a literature fan, you can make your essay where you present your favorite book and some details about the author.
  2. A different culture. You can choose whatever you want, as long as it’s something intriguing and interesting.
  3. Asian cuisine. As you probably know, most of the aliments that are common in this cuisine are not present in our diet.
  4. A symbol of your city. You can choose a building, a construction, a road or a personality.
  5. Your country’s president. How many people know so much about him?
  6. A music band. Opt for your favorite one, or a historical singer that was significant for the music industry.
  7. Educational systems. It is preferred to present something different, that is not present in your country or already well-known.
  8. Nuclear weapons. How these work, why are they so dangerous? Mention laws regarding their usage.
  9. Globalization. Is this a good or a bad thing? Present facts, statistics and different perspectives.
  10. Fast-food industry. How did it start? Present the elements that made this business so successful in such a short time.
  11. Noise pollution. Many people are not even aware that this exists, but the damaging effects are present in our lives.
  12. An unknown religion. Arab and Asian countries are very interesting from this point of view, and you can choose one religion to discuss.
  13. Communism. For many years, a big part of Europe was under communist control. Present the history and the ideology behind this.
  14. Electric cars. Are they really the future? Such vehicles can make a difference in the pollution level?
  15. Political system of your country. The distribution of power and the law system regarding this matter.

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