10 Simple Tips On How To Write A Thesis Statement For A High School Essay

The heart and soul of any essay is a thesis. A thesis is basically the argument your paper will fight for. It shows your understanding and point of view on a concept, subject, or element. If you need a little bit of guidance on how to write one, this article will come in handy.

  1. Topic Brainstorming
  2. One great thing you can do is write down all the possible essay topics before exams come around. When you jot down all the possible topics, you can get the idea of the scope of your studies and have ideas for possible arguments.

  3. Topic Reviewing
  4. To come up with an argument, you have to understand the concepts your studies require. Once you have written down all the topics, review the topics that you may find difficult or with ideas you may have forgotten. This way when you are assigned these topics you can write about them easily.

  5. Outlining
  6. Another great strategy you can do is create outlines for each possible topic. Your outline doesn’t have to be formal. You can just write down the following in your reviewer:

    • Elements of a concept
    • Characteristics
    • Beliefs
    • Principles
    • Keywords
    • Proponents
  7. Table Making
  8. If outlines are not your thing, you can create a table of the topics and write their characteristics under each column. This will give you the big picture of your studies and can be a helpful guide for exam review.

  9. Asking the Right Questions
  10. Once you know the topic of your paper, you should be able to ask and answer the right questions that will create your thesis. These questions are:

    • What is the topic all about?
    • Why should readers know about the topic?
    • What is the topic’s role or function in my subject?
    • What are the facts about this topic that can support my point of view?
    • How do I feel about the topic?
  11. Summarizing
  12. In introducing your argument, you may summarize the topic. In summarizing, give only the main points of the topic. Summarizing can also help prove your point or draw a conclusion.

  13. The Best Introductory
  14. Introduce your argument by choosing one of the statements below:

    • This paper will discuss…
    • This essay will tackle…
    • The (topic) highlights…
    • Through (topic) one can state….
    • The (topic) establishes the fact…
  15. Creating Expectations
  16. Remember your argument should create expectations the readers will discover in your paper. Through your argument, write down what readers should see in your following paragraphs.

  17. Reading Samples
  18. Make it a habit to read samples of thesis statements ahead of time. There are several examples you can find online.

  19. Confidence is the Key
  20. If your argument tells what the topic is about, your paper’s belief and your point of view just have confidence in it. Believing in your writing will do wonders.

Finding the main argument for a paper is easy once you digest these tips. These tips apply to all subjects, and you will consider them recommendable to all your friends.

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