A List Of The Most Exciting Essay Topics On Gay Marriage

There are a wide range of different topics available when writing an essay on gay marriage. In fact, there are numerous styles of essay writing that can incorporate such a title, such as argumentative and informative essays, amongst others. For example, you may wish to argue for or against gay marriage in your paper; alternatively, you may wish to give details of which countries allow gay marriage, which countries ban gay marriage, and which countries are currently reviewing legislation.

Take a look at the subject from a religious point of view

As part of your essay you may wish to look at the subject from a religious point of view. For example, you may wish to look at where in the Bible, or other religious books, there are quotes that support or condone same-sex relationships. You can then use the information that you find, as well as any other relevant information, so as to give details as to why those of a religious persuasion may oppose gay marriage.

Equally, you may wish to reference any important religious figures who support gay marriage, as well as those who are of the opinion that religion should stay neutral on the topic.

Ask questions as to why people would oppose gay marriage

As well as the religious reasons for people opposing gay marriage, you may also wish to find out any other reasons as to why individuals think that gay marriage should not be allowed. As part of your essay you may then wish to put forward any arguments as to why these opinions are agreeable or against a modern civilised society. You may even wish to carry out interviews with members of the public as part of your research.

Some further ideas for exciting essay topics have been listed below.

  • How has the Vatican’s stance on gay marriage changed in the 21st century?
  • Should gay marriage be allowed?
  • An analysis of which countries have allowed gay marriage
  • Should people in gay marriage be given equal rights to those in opposite sex marriages?
  • Should countries still refuse to allow gay marriage in the 21st century?
  • Using examples from the animal kingdom, demonstrate that gay marriage is not unnatural
  • What does the bible say about gay marriage?
  • Compare and contrast divorce rates between couples in gay marriages and non-gay marriages
  • Should people be offended by gay marriage?
  • Should people in gay marriages be allowed to adopt children?

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