7 Fundamental Rules For Writing A Text Response Essay

A text response essay is the kind of assignment where you have to create an answer to a certain piece of work. This is the simplest definition of such an assignment to make it easier for you. You have to read a certain work and summarize it then write your response to this piece. It may contain your opinion but that must have supporting evidence from relevant materials through the text that you are reviewing. You cannot simply say this piece lacks necessary details without mentioning portions or a portion of work where it lacks the detail. This assignment should be well organized, planned and composed if you want to score a good grade.

Here are seven important things to remember while writing such an essay

  1. Choose a piece of work carefully
  2. The first thing you should do is to choose a piece of work to write the response to. In some cases, your teacher is going to specify the text you have to respond to. However, in other cases you may have to pick any work. Try picking something that you are already familiar with and have an interest in so that you can write well. This helps you stay focused and concentrate better when you have an interest in the piece of work you are analyzing

  3. Read the work several times
  4. Carefully read the work several times before you go ahead and create your analysis or opinion. This will help you identify the theme, author, writing style, purpose and the tone of the work. You would see the strengths and weaknesses clearly once you read the work more than a few times

  5. Create your analysis and the summary
  6. Write a summary and your analysis about the work based on what you have noticed during your readings

  7. Decide on the major points you will make
  8. Decide the major points that you will make in your essay to create your body paragraphs. You do not necessarily have to make a lot of them but you have to make sure that the ones you make are clear and strong

  9. Find supporting evidence
  10. Gather evidence from the work to support your points

  11. Create an outline
  12. Organizing your data can help shape a very good assignment at the end.

  13. Stay precise
  14. Write relevant and keep your focus to stay precise

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