Basic Tips On How To Write A Literary Analysis Essay For High School

High school teachers have high expectations of their students when it comes to writing literary analysis essays. Analyzing something involves having critical thinking skills. There are specific essay elements you have to include as well as supporting evidence to back up your analysis. This is an essay you want to be strong and excellent.

The analysis

This section involves taking apart a topic and explaining how it works. You may be wondering how this should be done. First of all you take the topic and separate into small parts. Show how they are related to each other. For the written piece of work you’re analyzing, break down into literary elements. This could be done in categories of figurative language or language structure. You would then give an explanation how the parts are inter-connected and why the author did it that way.

Elements of the essay

Certain essay elements such as introduction, body and conclusion should be obvious in your essay. These three main essay parts are expected in almost any essay type that’s to be written. The introduction would be where you put your thesis statement or argument. It’s one sentence that asserts your topic. The introduction also includes a sentence to grab the reader’s attention. The body is the place where all your supporting evidence is found. In the conclusion you would use different words to restate your thesis and add to it any final thoughts. Never include new information in the conclusion.

Evidence for supporting your analysis

The body of your essay is the place to put all your evidence. This could include statistics, textual references or even anecdotes. You can summarize, paraphrase or even use direct quotes from your sources. Just be sure to reference them correctly to the original source. Write with logic and design. Keep your thoughts organized and focused.

The process of writing

Always create an outline first. Using an outline helps you see your topic at a glance, broken down into main ideas. It also shows you where you might be missing some data and you need to go back and do a little more research. Once the outline is finished, all you really need to do is fill in the details. Each paragraph should highlight only one main idea. Start by writing a first draft. Come back to it after a few days and do some editing. You will be able to see it with new eyes after you’ve taken a break from it. After a good proofreading your final copy will be ready.

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