Top 17 Winning Persuasive Essay Title Examples

A persuasive or argumentative essay is meant to convince the reader to embrace your point of view. It requires adequate knowledge about the topic in question and also great communication skills to pass this knowledge at your disposal to the reader and make him or her to buy into your school of thought. Therefore a student who is looking forward to doing some masterpiece writing of this nature must always take into account the need for reviewing as many essay samples as possible so that everything is well understood before he or she can sit down in an exam room and craft something. In this regard, this article takes a look at some examples worth your consideration, so let’s take a dive in.

  • The inception of scientific study has stimulated an interest in animal based researches. Do you support this?
  • What is your standing on the contribution of the government towards curbing child trafficking?
  • How should the education system be synchronised to encourage entrepreneurship among the youth?
  • The menace of drug abuse has exacerbated juvenile delinquency. What should be done to reverse this issue?
  • Discussions to do with racial segregation have been avoided in recent history. What are the solutions to create harmony and peaceful co-existence?
  • Democracy has been appraised and criticised in equal measure. What is the right way to make the concept acceptable?
  • Scientific studies have come up with family planning measures that have been criticised for unethical population you agree?
  • Global warming has largely affected poor countries that are the least industrialised. Should the superpowers compensate them?
  • People’s minds are governed through the media. Is thistrue?
  • Should elementary school students get employed as they learn?
  • Is the internet a viable tool that can be used to reach out to the lost parts of the world?
  • How should the government work with the community to avert terrorism?
  • Should the controversial subject of same sex marriages be introduced in houses of worship?
  • What is the way going forward for saving the plummeting value of the dollar in the contemporary economy?
  • Is the global body, UN doing enough to create peaceful coexistence among states?
  • Is domestic violence a non-issue when it comes to national debates?
  • Technology has phased out various roles in organizations. Is this a welcome sign?

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