Online Advertising

People conduct almost all of their transactions online nowadays. They can shop, meet someone they’d like to date or even play games with strangers without ever stepping foot outside. This is extremely convenient but it has also radically altered the way that things are marketed to potential consumers. Whereas a business 30 years ago could reliably assume that most people in a community would see their advertisement on a billboard, they now have a better shot at reaching a wide audience by targeting people online. This essay goes through some of the most common methods.

Pop up ads

Some of these are rather discretely placed in that they only appear after the relevant content on a website has been absorbed. Others can intrude and disrupt the viewers enjoyment of whatever they were actually at that web address to see. Worse yet, some ads are invisible to the naked eye and they appear when what seems to be a blank space on the page is clicked, perhaps accidentally. These may even send the visitor to a totally different site from the one they intended to visit.

Social media advertising

Not that long ago, the only things you would see on your social media news feed would be the updates posted by your ‘friends’ and any other pages you had decided to follow. Not so anymore. You can now be bombarded by advertisements from companies that have paid your social media network to spread their message to people who belong to the same general demographic as you. If, for instance, you were to just check a single site concerning college degrees you could complete online you would suddenly see an increase in advertisements along that same theme. Your web history would thus be a tool that marketers attempt to use to reel you in.

Advertisements disguised as news

This is one of the newer methods of promoting a product or service. On a website devoted to articles you might see a recommended link to what appears to be another article. On clicking that link you would see an article that might appear biased toward a particular product almost to the point of trying to convince you to make a purchase. This is merely another type of ad intended to make the seller seem more legitimate.

With the ever increasing role of the internet in our lives we are likely to become more not less surrounded by this method of advertising.

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