How To Stop Crime

Crime can have many causes, some understandable and some reason that completely defy average human logic, or any logic at all. There are many types as well, some stem purely from material wants, those based purely on personal pleasure, and some are considered crimes simply because of laws made by a government with a agenda. We have wrestled with finding a means of stopping law breakers for centuries and continue today with little success. Here I will give my opinion on how I think crime can be stopped.

Personal pleasure

These are probably the hardest type of offender to stop. This includes cases of forced sexual acts and torture of humans or non human beings. It is very difficult to identify the possible perpetrators of these offenses since there aren’t any obviously apparent triggers that can be attributed to these occurrences. The best solution to these crimes, I can think of, is to have society reorganized in a way that affords possible victims little vulnerabilities. This type of offender favors seclusion so eliminating instances of individuals being far from others would could prove successful in eradicating these offenders.


This is the most common type of offense and usually it isn’t difficult to identify possible offenders though it is difficult to say who and when they will act. The common practice of profiling by law enforcement officers has received much negative reaction from the public and for good reason. Not because someone looks like a criminal, does it mean they are and many innocent people have been abused by the police as a result of this association. What may aid in this situation is for governments to actually research and investigate this class of people, not to find their criminal pursuits, but to learn about their cultures and dreams.


Some people just hate others and want to see them suffer. This has been proven to be responsible for the existence of many serial killers. In this case I recommend intensive studies into human brain wave relations to psyche, or any other angle. The physical features of brain waves are proven indicators of psychopathic orientation and the development of this field can help identify and treat these mental states from an early age.

In conclusion I believe that governments should try harder to deal with society’s outcasts based on their own unique situations, instead of clumping them together in a group called “Undesirables” and sweeping them under the rug.

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