How To Create An Effective Descriptive Essay Topic Sentence

Writing a descriptive essay is not that difficult yet many students get low grades even after putting in their best efforts. This is mainly because they do not follow the right format or miss out the important bits and pieces. While you are writing a descriptive essay you should always write a proper topic sentence. It comes after the thesis statement and it is the first thing that the reader will read about your paper once they start reading. So it should be very well written in order to make the reader keep reading.

Tips to write an effective topic sentence:

  • The sentence should give the reader a clear idea about what you are going to write in your paper. Do not use complex words or difficult to use phrases. Make it as simple as possible while making the reader understand what the essay is actually about.
  • Try and engage the reader with this sentence. Even if you write about your paper you do not have to give everything away. Try and create a sense of mystery so that the reader is intrigued after reading the first sentence. If the reader’s interest is piqued then it is more likely that the person will read till the end.
  • The topic sentence should contain your own opinion or reflect what you think on the topics.
  • Do not over extend the sentence and keep it short. It should not be more than one or two lines. You do not want to write everything in one sentence just enough to make the reader understand and keep reading. Short sentences will also help you maintain the flow of information in your writing. Long sentences are complex to comprehend and make abrupt endings.
  • Avoid making a personal statement in the topic sentence. Do not begin with ‘In my opinion’ or ‘In this paper I will discuss’ this are the surest ways of ruining the paper as the topic sentence is not supposed to begin this way.
  • Try and avoid quotes when beginning your writing. It does not go well with the paper and quotes are not written or said by you but someone else. You can use the quotes somewhere else in the paper but do not use it in the beginning.
  • A descriptive essay is not an opinion piece so the topic sentence should reflect on the description and the style of writing.

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