How To Write An Impressive Essay On Violence And Rap Music

In higher learning you might think that writing a homework assignment having to do with music relates to a music class. It could be that, but it could also be talking about history in relation to music and English. There could even be another class that somehow ties music into an assignment. Whatever it is, if you are not sure where to begin, you can buy essay online or find out with this article.

Music of all types have one thing in common. They all make us feel one thing or another no matter what kind it is. Since everyone doesn't like the same kind of music, the kind of music that impacts someone is going to be different. With that in mind, consider what people like or dislike about rap music and the violence that tends to be in it.

  • Who created the more violent rap music there is.
  • How long has rap music been around and why has it lasted.

Rap Music is its Own Genre

It really is since it tends to not have a real melody to it. Most of it is a beat with foul-mouthed rhymers who don't have a lot of positive things to say about life and such. There is slightly “classier” rap, but it's few and far between. These are points you can bring up in your essay. What do you want to tell others about this kind of music? Express your knowledge of rap music and its origins. Depending on the class, you may or may not be okay expressing your feelings about it.

Look into different rap artists. Point out the classy ones and lightly mention the not-so-classy ones. Explain what makes them classy. Give points on why fans listen to this genre of music. Go on to mention why you figure it keeps on going. What typical fans are interested in this kind of music? Is there a regular group that enjoys this music or is it more random? That is another thing to touch on without getting judgmental.

It can be surprising who actually listens to rap and what kind on some levels, although it may not be totally surprising. Some people imitate the style of rap artists while some are just in it for the beat. They usually have an interesting beat. All things to mention in your homework essay.

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